ECS System

ECS system

The ECS System is a modular process control and monitoring system designed for automated production equipment and technological units. It is based on more than twenty years of experience gained by our company in this field. It provides tools and functions for data collection and monitoring process data, process visualization and control, batch and continuous production control, material flow monitoring, monitoring and evaluation of productivity and production lines, and production data presentation in the form of reports and protocols.

The system can be reliably used both for mere monitoring individual machines and control of large technological units. The flexible structure of this system allows users to easily and gradually extend the system to include new features and process equipment.

The ECS Systemperforms continuous control of production processes and their key indicators making it possible to substantially improve product standardization and quality. It provides information that allows users to examine and trace back specific procedures at any time. It maintains and controls production parameters and procedures specified by authorized persons.

This system is installed in the manufacturing facilities of many popular brands, for example, Carlsbad Becherovka (control of the entire production), and Plzeňský Prazdroj (control of malt production). Our continuous flow pasteurizers are typically equipped with an ECS Archive module for the monitoring and documentation of pasteurization quality. The unique scalability also makes the ECS System affordable for small companies.


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  • 02_ECS View - Ukázka
  • 03_ECS Archive - Historian
  • 04_ECS Archive - Monitoring spotřeb energií
  • 05_ECS Batch - Elektronický záznam průběhu šarže
  • 06_ ECS Reporting - Ukázka
  • ECS System
  • ECS System
  • ECS System
  • ECS System

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