Message and values

We are a reliable partner of our customers, employees, and suppliers. Together, we create stable solutions with high added value and a vision for future development taking into account the changing needs and business environment of our customers.

A stable partner for automation

Since 1991, we have focused on industrial automation of technological processes and the supply of production information systems. We have worked our way to the top of the Czech market and successfully completed a number of projects abroad.

Specialised solutions for your industry

We focus on complex automation in the drink and food industry, as well as in the chemical, pharmaceutical, power generation, and building material industries. We are most active in the brewing industry, in which 80% of Czech and 10% of the world’s beer is produced using our technologies and solutions.

Our products

Under our brand, we supply fully automated tank trucks for tank beer delivery, the ECS System platform for process control and production digitalization, process control for cleaning and filling of DATAkeg kegs, and power and control cabinets.

Non-stop support

For us, It doesn’t end with implementation, which is why we provide round-the-clock support from our specialists. This ensures the highest product quality and efficiency in your production.

Turnkey solutions

We are ready to solve your requirements, from the analysis of the existing situation and the preparation of a feasibility study to installation, debugging, commissioning, and subsequent optimization.









Petr Matiášek

Executive Director

Josef Vosolsobě

Technical Director

Jan Strnad

Finance and HR Manager

Roman Chlumský

Sales Manager

Jarmila Švehlová

HW Project Manager

Martin Denk

Process Engineer