Automation and monitoring

We will analyse the current state of your systems and propose the optimal technical and technological solution. We will take care of everything from design to installation and will find the most suitable method and level of automation for your processes, taking into account the specifics of the power generation industry. We use proven and cutting-edge solutions based on Simatic PCS and ProLeiT partner systems and our own ECS System.

Central control room

We can also handle the more demanding monitoring and control of geographically extensive control rooms and remote operations using GeoSCADA systems. This solution interconnects different production plants and facilities with each other via WAN networks routed to one central control room. In particular, the water, power generation, heating, gas distribution and other energy-sensitive areas, are best suited for deployment of a GeoSCADA system.


Automation doesn’t have to be about production or distribution alone, but it can help you in other areas as well. That’s why we offer automated systems for controlling refrigeration or freezer rooms to help you get even more costs under control.

CO2 recovery

Our goal is the long-term durability and sustainability of our services. As a result, we offer solutions that will bring about a reduction in production costs, in addition to saving the future of our environment. The food industry in particular is suitable for using surplus CO2 generated during the production process. We can automatically recover this excess CO2 and, in a simple step. provide your production with a more sustainable operation as well as considerable production profits. In short, a small thing that brings a long-term positive impact.

Water management

Automation of industrial water treatment plants
We optimize the operation of water treatment plants in your production and reduce risks and costs.

Control of waste-water treatment plants
We give you absolute control over the waste-water treatment process.

Heating plants and boiler rooms

Automation of heating plants
We simplify the management of your heating plant or boiler room.

Retrofit of control systems during renovations
We optimally and quickly replace old or non-compliant modules of your current solution

Automation and monitoring of transfer and exchange stations
We increase the efficiency of transfer and exchange stations regardless of the application.

We will help you find the most suitable process management and recommend possible upgrade or rebuild steps.