The management of technological production units in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors has many specifics, which we are ready to respond to thanks to our expertise. We respect strict requirements and adapt to non-standard environments. Therefore, we can also focus on control of production process units in the demanding chemical, pharmaceutical, or building materials industries.

Production automation and monitoring

We will analyse the current state of your system and propose the optimal technical and technological solution. As a part of the delivery, we will also suggest the most suitable method and level of process automation for your production. Our systems are based on proven ProLeiT PlantiT and ECS System systems developed by our partners and ourselves..

Upgrade of technological equipment

It often takes less than you might expect to improve the quality and stability of production. In fact, your own production equipment may still be in good mechanical shape, but it is hampered by old or functionally inadequate control systems. In addition, the availability of spare parts also decreases over time. Thanks to our experience, we are able to upgrade them with long-term sustainability in mind and not burden your production with longer machine shutdowns. Achieve great results with your existing production at a reasonable cost. Upgrade.

Cost reduction
Upgrading will help you reduce unplanned production downtime, maintenance time, and operating costs.

Highest convenience
We will propose to you the optimal technological solution from analysis, installation of new measuring and control elements, modernization of switchboards, development of new control system application software to commissioning.

We will also offer you the modernization of your existing automation solution to improve its efficiency, extend its lifetime and expand the possibilities for further system development..

We’ll introduce advanced production monitoring to ensure the efficient setup of production equipment and processes, optimal energy use, and waste avoidance..

Typical solutions

We understand that the chemical and pharmaceutical industry requires flexible and reliable solutions with the utmost regard for accuracy and safety. As our customer, you will therefore receive the highest level of support from us in the form of customisation of the supplied equipment exactly for your production.

Batch chemical production
The system offers extensive user customisation options without the need to modify the application software.

Warehouse process control
Have an immediate overview of material stocks and prevent potential losses.

Detailed production traceability
We’ll introduce advanced production monitoring to give you maximum control over the correct flow of all phases.

Energy consumption monitoring
Combine the outputs of our system with production data and keep your costs completely under control.