What is virtualization?

Virtualization creates a virtual environment instead of a physical environment. A single physical computer or server can run several virtual machines at once, where each is able to operate completely independently and run different operating systems or applications. Simply put, you can run additional virtual machines on your computer.

Are you ready for the future?

Virtualization is becoming a key technology in industrial manufacturing, reducing the requirements for physical hardware devices while increasing the efficiency and reliability of control systems. Virtualisation will not only reduce the investment requirement, but will also save operating costs, reduce energy consumption, simplify maintenance, and facilitate future production expansion.

What are the benefits of virtualization for manufacturing?

What are the benefits of virtualization for manufacturing?

The system’s composition of several independent components, between which control system tasks can be moved on the fly, allows production to continue even in the event of maintenance or hardware failure.

IT Security
Virtualisation makes a significant contribution to improving IT security in the production environment and provides a number of tools for its sustainability. 

Acquisition cost savings
By consolidating the power of all computers, the total number of computers is reduced, saving you significant investment costs.

Reduction of operating costs
Virtualization will reduce operating, maintenance, and energy costs.

Extensibility and scalability
Thanks to the easy interchangeability of universal elements, you can easily increase the performance and robustness of your system.

Lifetime extension
Converting physical machines to a virtual environment will extend the life of existing SCADA and PCS systems.

Online diagnostics
The system continuously monitors individual hardware components and reports potential faults before system operation is compromised.

Regular backup of the entire system on secure storage.

Easy maintenance
Simple replacement of damaged parts that can be handled even by regular employees.

Easily manage and maintain multiple production PCs in one place and make efficient use of computing power.