Quality is based on data

The cornerstone of evaluating quality and production efficiency is the proper acquisition of production and process data. Our solutions provide you with a complete overview of your production and allow you to evaluate performance, cost, and quality indicators in real time. This gives your managers a modern reporting tool with a clear and standardised output and the possibility of sending evaluations, for example, by e-mail. Production information systems offer you complete traceability of production, an overview of the materials used at each stage, and detailed data for comparing efficiency and performance.

Energy management

Proper measurement and evaluation of energy consumption is the fastest way to increase the efficiency and sustainability of your production. That’s why our solution includes an advanced energy metering system using a combination of manual and online readings, with the option of introducing virtual calculation and measurement points.

Clear system

Combine the outputs of our system with production data and keep your costs completely under control.

Turnkey solutions

Our delivery includes the design and installation of suitable metering equipment for key energy media such as water, electricity, compressed air, and steam.


Integrate existing measurement and control systems into our system to improve production without introducing complex measures.

Report templates

Use a range of ready-made overview reports or create your own views of the acquired data.

Process data analysis

Production information systems also make life easier for your personnel. In many of today’s manufacturing plants, workers must regularly go through a series of production records and verify procedures and parameters. However, up-to-date technology allows the entire process to be significantly automated, minimising the risk of human error.


Thanks to the reports, your employees have an immediate overview of production deviations and can quickly prevent any loss.


Automation significantly speeds up data evaluation and allows your staff to deal with fewer formalities and focus more on production quality.