We provide a wide range of solutions for the automation of technological processes and equipment – from systems based on simple PLCs with an operator panel to large-scale process control systems. We always offer our customers systems based on proven and reliable technologies from the world’s leading manufacturers..

Since the company was founded in 1991, we have focused mainly on the automation of brewery technology. This allows us to offer your brewery a modern and cutting-edge solution that will increase the efficiency, quality, and sustainability of your production.

Breweries are our domain

The most valuable thing about brewing is the know-how. It is no different in our industry. Working on projects for major Czech and foreign breweries has enabled us to accumulate considerable technological knowledge, which we continue to use and develop. Proof of our skills is the fact that 80% of Czech beer is produced in the presence of our technology. Whether it is a craft brewery or a multinational corporation, our systems are perfectly adapted to the daily control of operations and enable innovative, user-oriented solutions that are unparalleled on the market.

Proven systems
Thanks to our partnerships with world-leading manufacturers, we successfully implement ProLeiT Plant IT, Brewmaxx, or Siemens Braumat process systems on demanding projects.

Turnkey solutions
We set up each project exactly according to the needs of the given production and are able to flexibly scale the number and nature of the supplied equipment.

Maximum availability
Our technological potential allows us to automate even small breweries and offer them possibilities that previously belonged only to large-scale production

Long-term care
Our work doesn’t end with the delivered solution. We manage and service all delivered products over their entire lifetime.

We understand beer production technology

Our knowledge is based on thousands of hours spent with our clients. That’s why we fully understand the needs of brewers and help to achieve continuous improvement of their production. The technology and our know-how that we use can be deployed in the brewery, for example, in the following areas:

— brewhouse
malt department
main fermentation and lagering
— filtration
HGB and carbonization
keg filling and washing
sanitation station

We are not just advisors

In addition to the production and development of technologies, we also take complete care of finding the optimal solution for your brewery. How do we achieve this?

— We will navrhneme design the optimal control system and operator interface level
define control system functions and design control algorithms
develop application software
— design and develop operator interface software for all levels
manufacture switchboards and perform all electronics assembly work
put production equipment into operation

Automated tanker trucks

We manufacture, supply, and upgrade automated tanker trucks for delivery, and bottling of tank beer. The tanker trucks dispense beer automatically in accordance with legislation, offer pressurisation of beer tanks using CO2 from an aseptic cryogenic unit, and provide control of the operation via a monitoring system and log-in card readers for drivers and staff.

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ESONIC Craft Brewing – Solutions for small and medium-sized breweries

Our mission is to help all brewers brew great beer. After several years of development, we, therefore, bring to the segment of small and medium-sized breweries a comprehensive platform for the complete management of beer production, which uses some of the principles of large-scale production.

What is ESONIC Craft Brewing?

JIt is our standardized solution for the automation of smaller and larger craft breweries. It is based on the SIEMENS Simatic S7-1500 PLC and controlled by our own ESONIC ECS process system.

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Central system
Automate your production easily and record data from the entire brewery.

Two main modes
Switch between fully-automatic and semi-automatic mode.


Ready-made software
Choose proven functions and algorithms for process control.

Complete control
Access the record of production progress, including user reports and manual data logging.