Exceeds your expectations

Treat your customers to tank beer of the highest quality using advanced technology. Find out about the automated tanker truck from our workshop.

Fully automated

Only one driver is needed to operate the tanker truck, using a mobile device to select the tanks to take beer from. Thanks to advanced automation, the sanitation, filling, and delivery of beer is always carried out in accordance with the defined processes.

Maximum quality

The beer has the best possible conditions thanks to automatic sanitation and advanced pressurization of CO2 tanks from an aseptic cryogenic unit..

Perfect overview

All tanker truck activity is electronically controlled, monitored, and recorded. It is a high-end system for acquiring and processing additional data.


Reduction of logistics costs for smaller customers, savings due to the possibility of using their own CO2 for filling a cryogenic unit and reduction of filling time to a minimum.

How does the tanker truck work?

When developing the automated tanker truck, we thought about how to maintain the highest quality of the beer being transported while making it as easy to use as possible. Therefore, all tanker truck operation is fully automated. We create a customized design of the technological assembly according to the customer’s requirements.

100% safety

The tanker truck will start dispensing only after the driver has logged in with his RFID card and selected the type and quantity of beer. In addition, the truck meets all EU regulations and is MID certified.

Flexible delivery volume

Thanks to the installed certified measuring system, any quantity of beer from a batch size of 200 l can be dispensed to customers.


Dispensing with a precision to +/-0.5% according to legislation, and a document about the quantity actually received is issued to the customer. This also prevents the entire system from tampering and minimizes product waste and loss.


Upright design of the tanks allows perfect sanitation and more gentle beer distribution. A stable beer temperature is maintained during transport by a well-insulated isothermal box body